Who We Are

A leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Digital Six is a team of experienced professionals with a proven track record of delivering exceptional value to our clients. Our consultants have been at the forefront in the provision of innovative and transformative services to address our clients’ opportunities to achieve strategic business objectives. Our team has an impressive history of helping our clients find a clear path to success.

Six Pillars of Excellence
Our name, Digital Six Consulting, was chosen based upon our belief that for transformation in any business to be successful, companies need to focus on six pillars beyond technology. The six pillars of digital transformation are experiences, people, change, innovation, leadership, and culture.
Pillar 1: Experiences

Businesses must understand the customer journey, behaviours and expectations before investing in technology. These expectations should be the basis of any investment, instead of asking their customers to change to fit new processes, perhaps losing them altogether in the process. The only way to do this is to focus first on the customer’s experience.

For Digital Six, we haven’t forgotten about the experience of each team member either. Our culture provides a workplace and support structure, with accompanying tools, that is efficient and productive. Failure to provide an exceptional customer experience isn’t an option, as we pride ourselves on practicing behaviours that are consistent with those we suggest to our clients.

Pillar 2: People

We believe that people are the most critical part of any digital transformation. Without the right talent or without focusing on employees, the organization will struggle.

As new technologies begin to make their way into our businesses, we can’t forget who we are. The key is to use this technology to create meaningful experiences that reach employees, customers, and others on a deeper level – still connecting human to human.

It is also important to remember that talent is still critical, even with advancements taking some of the work. And your employees should all be on the same page, to push your digital transformation efforts forward.

Pillar 3: Change

Going into any transformation, one must understand firsthand that change is inevitable, and is often challenging. Communication is key, with both your internal and external stakeholders coupled with strategies that encourage change and deal with the resistance at the same time. Provision of the necessary tools and environment for all stakeholders to embrace and succeed in this change must also be considered. Companies that embrace change will better achieve transformation objectives.

Pillar 4: Innovation

Innovation can be defined as a sudden spark of creativity that leads to the creation of something that changes the face of your business. The implementation of that something is the transformation.

Innovation requires a space of open communication, collaboration and freedom to create. And, innovation should be constant, your business always working to further its products or services. Innovation also drives the digital transformation forward by allowing for open space for problem-solving when the going gets tough.

Pillar 5: Leadership

If you want your organization to change, it must come from the top. Leaders must lead by example and not only lead the change but be involved. Leaders should be proactive and on the lookout for things on the horizon. As a leader, you should also bring order, instead of going with the flow. As much as technology can sound like the perfect plan, there is no substitute for good planning. Take your time to carefully examine all options. Think differently than the rest and lead others within your company to do the same.

Pillar 6: Culture

Digital transformation cannot succeed without the right business culture. Companies that create an environment where employee and customer experiences reign supreme, where people matter most, change is planned for and innovation takes centre stage, will create a culture that simply transforms on its own.

These six pillars of digital transformation are the backbone of our consulting services. It is top of mind in everything that we do. We bring value to our client relationships by providing the experts that can guide you on your transformation journey and help your company get ahead of the competition.

Tony McGrath

Tony McGrath is the founder of Digital Six Consulting and has over 20 years of business consulting, program/project management, technology, performance improvement and transformation experience.

Tony is a client-centric leader specializing in the delivery of large, complex, multifaceted programs and portfolios. Tony has been engaged in all aspects of the system development lifecycle and has led both commercial off the shelf (COTS) and custom build implementation projects.

A graduate of Memorial University, Tony’s professional experience spans government, aerospace, telecommunications, and healthcare and he is responsible for service delivery of all engagements for Digital Six.