Leveraging the power of IT to help you achieve your business objectives.

At Digital Six Consulting, a customer-centric approach is at the core of everything we do. Our team of consultants have built their personal brands on integrity, and a tireless pursuit of customer satisfaction.

We build long standing relationships with our customers and we are looked upon as partners and trusted advisors. We help our clients navigate their most pressing challenges and seize opportunities to grow and prosper.

Our team has the track record, using proven methodologies, in delivering results across all of the service areas described below.

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Advisory Services
Performance Improvement
To reach its potential, organizations must continuously improve its performance and sustain that improvement. We have professionals who can help you meet these challenges. We can help you deliver measurable and sustainable improvement of your business and assist you in elevating every function of your company to new levels of performance.
Digital Transformation
Customers expect the power of information and choice, delivered through a simple, intuitive and hassle-free experience. Companies that embrace digital transformation with the customer experience at the core will accelerate business growth, while those companies watching from the sidelines will see their market disrupted by organizations proficient at digital transformation. Every industry has a unique digital transformation opportunity, and Digital Six has the expertise and experience to help.
Program and Project Management
From our team’s broad experience, we know that delivering any project or program will always come with challenges. Which is why our collaborative and creative approach to planning and controls heads off most problems from the start and provides early warnings on the rest. Our team is passionate about creating a sense of certainty from the outset, so our clients can meet their objectives with confidence and without crisis.
Virtual CTO
Hiring an in-house Chief Technology Officer or IT Director can be cost-prohibitive for small and medium-size organizations, many of them have begun looking elsewhere to address their needs. Today, your organizations can obtain the same level of expertise from an outsourced Digital Six technology executive.
Operational / Project Resourcing
We are a leading provider of highly skilled and experienced resources

Our clients simply ramp up and down to meet fluctuating staffing demands without shouldering the time, effort and cost associated with hiring permanent, full-time employees. Additional benefits include: scalability, integration, reduced employee burdens, reduced ramp uptime, and better meet aggressive project timeline.

Business Process Architecture

Business Analysis

Change Management

Quality Assurance and Testing

User Experience and Design

Enterprise and Application Architecture

System Analysis

Software Development